Natalia Dyer is really being given all the promotional heavy lifting for Stranger Things season three — which I still have not seen, but I am getting to it! — along with her co-star/boyfriend Charlie Heaton, and I can only assume it’s because the show can’t work the underage kids too hard. (And you’re not going to make Winona Ryder do a multi-city press tour.) Right now, she’s in Italy, which is exactly where I wish I was, and although I will continue to wonder why anyone is still wearing D&G in light of what jack wagons they are, their work does always feel nicely appropriate for July In Italy — or at least how I like to imagine July In Italy. Floral! Bright! Maybe a little hotter than you wanted it to be! There are unexpected bits of lace! It’s great.

[Photo: Vincenzo Landi/IPA/]