You can tell we’re on the cusp of summer when this reminds me of walking into a gelato store, or even a Baskin-Robbins, and seeing tubs of beautiful, brightly colored options laid out in front of me. I never ORDERED any of them — for me, with a couple citrus exceptions, if dessert doesn’t have chocolate in it then it’s OUT — but they make for a gorgeous display. So clearly, that’s where my brain went. And it’s the beginnings of a compliment: I love the bodice, and the skirt is floaty and romantic. What I’m not in love with is how the twain meet, and the way the orange sherbet color turns muddier there when it’s bleeding into the others’ territory. Part of me thinks this would’ve been cooler if it remained swirly all the way down in the manner of the bodice, rather than just shooting into straight chunks like a tub of neapolitan. Still, as future brain freezes go, this one is pretty delicious and I think I’m going to land on Fab. And then I’m going to land in a tub of Cookies n’ Cream.

[Photo: Backgrid]