We’ve had baggy khakis sneaking back into the public eye, and now Naomi Watts is upping the mid-90s ante by mixing and matching her beiges. Yes, technically speaking, probably none of this is khaki. The coat is maybe more of a camel, the sweater… perhaps taupe? And the pants are that light khaki — I’m sure it has another name (ivory? ecru?) — but they fall under the wide umbrella of “khaki” that was established when the pants became especially popular and we all tumbled into The Gap. Let me be clear: Her sunglasses are VERY cute and she looks put-together and pretty good considering she’s just walking her dog. But this brazen embrace of the beige spectrum is the kind of advanced level science that I would have slept through in college. Props to her for taking a moderate swing at a tepid chunk of the Pantone rainbow, but can we try it again with, oh I don’t know, ANY other part of it? Spring is quickly ceding ground to summer. Bring me your neons, your pinks, your lighthearted blues.

[Photo: Getty]
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