When I was in my early years of college, The Gap went ALL IN on khakis as a big branding thing — here’s a still of an ad from that era, where the TV spots were all young people taking turns singing; I specifically remember one with “Mellow Yellow” — and there was a whole array of khakis: flat-front and tapered; high-waisted and pleated and straight-legged, often with a cuff; reverse-fit, which sat lower and billowed a bit bigger. I honestly can’t tell which of those last two categories these fall into, but I do know that I owned a pair of the pleat-front higher-waisted ones and I look back and CRINGE at how blocky they looked on me. I guess everything old sincerely does become new again, but this is one item of clothing I am delighted I did not hoard for this exact eventuality. In fact, we would wear them in South Bend, Indiana, with flannel button-ups that were probably exactly the cut of THIS shirt on Kendall. I’m not ready for that either, and the two of them together? I’d love to feel 19 again but not this way. Never this way.

[Photo: Shutterstock]