First, a logistics note: I know it’s insane that we haven’t officially announced the Fug Madness winner yet, but a) y’all know who it was, anyway, deep down, and b) it felt weird to do it without the montage. Our in-house head of post-production should be done with both his other jobs by this weekend, so we’re hopeful that he will spend his first days of freedom toiling away on our behalf. To paraphrase a six-fingered man, I SWEAR IT WILL BE DONE.

Next: Nafessa, a.k.a. one of the lovely players on The CW’s Black Lightning. We’ve featured her twice before on this site, once in a kooky cold-shoulder suit and once in something EYE-SEARINGLY CONFUSING. And here is her third strike, and my lovely lady, in baseball that means you are outta there, but in Fugball it means WELCOME IN and we hope to see you again soon.

In the interests of leaving you with something cuter, here is Alexandra Shipp from the same event. You may know her from the Aaliyah TV movie — she replaced Zendaya — or from one of the X-Men prequels; she played Storm. Here, she is a rainbow:

GLAAD Media Awards Rising Stars Luncheon, Los Angeles, USA - 11 Apr 2018

I love it — sporty and pretty and bright. I might want a bathing suit version. I might see if Google has any ideas.

[Photo: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock]