Shay Mitchell is basically one of the best-looking humans I’ve ever seen, so this photo bums me out:

Ashley’s ensemble, however, is even MORE depressing. They’re both so good on Pretty Little Liars, and both such lovely women, and I want more for them than those clothes. This is proof positive that what seems like a sexy, slouchy negligee-inspired idea too often reads like sad, messy, forgotten socialites who do not REALIZE they are sad, messy, forgotten socialites. Think Romy & Michele’s Showgirl School Reunion, but with more personal wealth and less of a color story. [Also, my computer kept trying to autocorrect “socialites” into “socialists,” which a) I guess means that socialites really are a dying concept, and b) would make for a TOTALLY different narrative entirely.]

Lucy Hale went in a different direction:

Lucy Hale

Lucy needs either a bracelet or a necklace, right? SOMETHING statement that isn’t silver and isn’t a purse. That would elevate this, but honestly, it’s infinitely preferable to the garb on the Thighmaster Twins up there. She wins for that alone.

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