The US Open starts on Monday, and I have HIGH HOPES that Serena will rebound from a disappointing Olympics. In fact, that performance might HELP, because sticking the Olympics between Wimbledon and the Open is pretty tiring and so let’s assume Serena held back so that she could spend the forthcoming fortnight bringing the thunder.

She certainly brought some here. The fringe skirt would probably drive ME crazy, but this is a woman who routinely plays tennis matches in full jewelry and is unfazed, so she obviously won’t be undone by some ropy fabric tickling her knees. Also, her lipstick is fab, the shoes are super cute, and pardon me while I just quickly drop and do twenty crunches. (There! That’ll fix everything. Phew.) Venus, though… in truth it’s not as bad as it could be, but that romper is perilously close to being a tunic. Tennis players are obviously REALLY used to that length, but for me it’s nonetheless flirting with silly. If it were super FLATTERING, that would be one thing, but it’s unremarkable and has me looking down at her feet instead. And hey, hooray for an orange pedicure. We can leave on that up note, at least.

[Photo: Getty]