It’s still Sunday night as I type, and this is my last post before I take Hand of Fire to the doctor. Have you ever lit your fingertips like they were matchsticks? Because that’s what this feels like right now. Isn’t this exciting? Thank God you are getting to experience this thrilling time.

Also hot like fire: These two.

How often do you see Daniel Craig smile like that? He’s usually so taciturn, or at least, very Blue Steel. Between this and the canoodling pics, I really think — and this is super revolutionary — he might be extremely into his wife. Imagine that. Also, as Lefty banged out these words, Scorched Right Hand suddenly started feeling totally normal. EITHER that means its the eye of the hurricane and in a minute it’s going to fall off, or plunging my hand in the ice bucket of Daniel Craig’s gaze has CURED ME.

Onto Rachel:

I love the dress, but can’t sign off on the way it sits on her. Too low, a wee crooked… But the gown does give me hope, because it’s from the new OdlR regime, which suggests there is still elegance to be found in a line that seemed off-brand and at times off-putting when it came down the runway. If that bodice fit better, we’d be dancing.

[Photos: Getty]