I can’t help it. I enjoy these two. Part of it might be that I enjoy reading whatever hysterical stories the tabloids cook up about their “disintegrating marriage” whenever there’s a slow news week. I suspect sometimes that, when nothing is REALLY happy in celebrity news, the writers at the less reliable rags spin a giant wheel that they keep in the conference room to decide their cover story for the week. And the pie spots on the wheel read, like, let’s see: BLAKE AND MIRANDA: HE’S BREAKING HER HEART; JEN’S BABY JOY; BREAK-UP FOR BRAD AND ANGIE?; LAMAR COOKING METH!; and, like, KANYE AND KHLOE: WHAT KRIS DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW. This is also how we got Star’s recent Bruce Jenner cover.

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