It wasn’t until I got the large version of the photo that I noticed the flashes preyed on Maggie here:

This was really working for me — it’s material we’ve seen before on Willow Shields, but put to better and more flattering use here, especially with the unexpectedness of the snug navy top. But then the flashes stole her mystery. This is basically why every celebrity or stylist needs to have an industrial-strength camera in-house for all their test runs. Jessica and I used to joke that we were going to open up a store on Melrose or something that simulated red-carpet conditions, so people could see how their clothes would hold up. Apparently that service is needed.

But, I feel for her — Maggie Grace is not a big red-carpet hound. I interviewed her once at Fashion Week and she basically said she feels pretty hopeless at the fashion stuff; the dog-and-pony-show doesn’t seem to be her bag, particularly. Which is fine. It’s why I’m sorry this otherwise good idea backfired on her a little bit.

HOWEVER, there is NO justification for the WTFery she deployed last night.

You can’t just shrug it off and say, “Clothes? I don’t know. Whatever.” Because you know. You HAVE TO KNOW. Never has anyone put on this outfit and NOT been aware that she looks like a dominatrix at a business seminar. So on the one hand, it’s entertaining to see someone whose style is SO all over the map that you know she’s not bothering with “style” at all; on the other, WHO ARE YOU? I have no idea what story you’re telling, but I suspect it ends with a whip and a sex-swing demo in Conference Room B.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]