This is extremely elegant, especially compared to Saffron Burrows’ oversize foraged hand-me-downs. * In case you think I am insane: The Burrows post was supposed to run at noon, but I apparently accidentally set it for Aug. 20 instead of Aug. 19, so it never ran, and ergo, the first sentence here MADE NO SENSE. AWESOME. When it runs, I’ll link to it here.

It seems a mite tight in the bust, but I’m still enthused by the rest and especially that hue on her. What’s truly throwing off my game is her bangs. They really change her face for me, and while that’s not an indictment — both faces are gorgeous — we all know that I fear change, and ultimately on her I feel like everything flows more harmoniously without them. Of course, that probably means six weeks from now I will announce that the bangs are PERFECT. I do seem to love the taste of my own words.

[Photo: Getty]

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