Well, here it is, the pairing we all would’ve loved to see on Mad Men itself.

Or at least, I would have. As usual, I love Kiernan’s outfit — were I eighty on the outside as I am on the inside, I would more freely refer to it as darling — and as usual, Christina has found something that is not cut for her. That’s actually a very pretty summer maxi dress, if hardly likely to quake the earth, and so it’s a shame that there wasn’t a way to fit it to the bust and tailor the rest. I’m sure that’s a constant irritant for her. If ever an actress deserved to stomp her foot in a store and shout “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” it would be this one.

So let’s turn our fantasies to the scenes that could’ve been. This photo has an air of “Everyone assumes we know each other because we were on the same show, but we didn’t really ever work together if you stop and think about it,” because as far as I remember, there was never a Take Your Daughter To Work Day And Then Dump Her With Joan Because You Need Several More Morning Scotches Than Is Appropriate episode [note: apparently there was and I just don’t have a great memory for Mad Men, so I’m amending it to Take Your Late-Teens Daughter To Work In The Final Season And THEN Dump Her With Joan So You Can Drink Etc. day]. So let’s imagine a spinoff in which Sally gets an internship at Joan’s new company and learns all about how not to tolerate sexist idiots while running the world from your very own corner office; then Sally takes over the company when Joan retires to Aruba, visiting periodically for lanai cheesecake and sass. Sold.

[Photo: Getty]