I think, had this been my call, I’d have scooped away her hair:

Too big would’ve fought with the dress, and yet too sleek just comes across as limp. However, I am having a crazy nonsense love affair with the rest of it. That sucker is a peppy, poppy, leather Austin Powers fever dream, and it’s groovy, baby. She appears to have added the tube top underneath (for modesty, presumably), and I’m not even mad at that, because I get it, although I also think maybe she didn’t need to worry because the vee of the neck is so narrow.  Mostly, though, I see this and I just want to go into my room and tease my hair into a beehive and put on some great eyeliner and go-go boots and drink a martini and pretend to smoke something from a really long cigarette holder and then watch the moon landing. Does that make this dress one giant leap for fugkind?

[Photo: Getty]