I really would have liked this if it were all one length.

The ass kerchief seems unnecessary — but then again, it doesn’t outright detract from it, either. I’m just so excited it’s not made of sheers, and really, whole thing is very Florence. It’s as if she has some kind of machine, say, that spits out fabrics tailored to her floaty, ethereal yens. She could call it, I don’t know, her Florence Machine. Or Florence and her Machine. Or… hmm. It’ll come to me. It’s right on the tip of my tongue.

She switched into this on-stage:

Ignoring momentarily that she appears to be barefoot (although it skeeves me out less on the burnished VH-1 Divas floor than it does on the mean streets of L.A., ahem, Thomas Jane), this looks great on her – it’s glittery, it’s eye-catching, it’s still very much in keeping with her personal style. She really ought to bite the bullet and come out with a line of shimmering caftans. We can’t, as a culture, let the Kardashians be the last word on People With No Design Experience Who Somehow Have Clothing Lines. Unless that last word is, “Bye,” and it means that people with no design experience will no longer somehow have clothing lines, but I suspect that will never be the case, so we might as well hand one to somebody who favors dresses that, occasionally, leave room for a cheeseburger.

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