All righty, CBS and Warner Media are in the house now, and rumor has it that the crowd at Upfronts liked all the clips. WILL WE?

This new comedy is called Bob Hearts Abishola, with Billy Gaudell from Mike & Molly:

The woman playing Abishola seems good, and Billy Gaudell is not BAD, but I’m concerned that this is basically a stalker comedy in which this dude has decided it’s completely okay to infiltrate his nurse’s life and MAKE HER LOVE HIM. Which, when you break it down that way, is not actually comedic.

The Unicorn is Walton Goggins and Rob Corddry and Michaela Watkins, in which Goggins is a widower and basically all women are automatically throwing themselves at him, because hey, women gotta women, AM I RIGHT:

I should pause here to say that I know sizzle reels are tough, as are pilots in general — you have to sell a whole concept and chemistry in very little time — and so it’s very possible that many of these shows will be great, like a movie that just doesn’t get a super trailer. I thought Single Parents looked awful last year, but it just got renewed and people seem to like it, so. Shows can grow into themselves. It’s one reason why it’s such a shame very few shows get TIME to do that.

And then we have Evil, from the Good Wife creators, who brought in Mike Colter to play a dude investigating demonic possession and other paranormal weirdnesses along with a psychologist.

I think of it as, say, The Exorcism Files.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]