One of my favorite things about any fashion week is reading the copy the design houses put out to describe their lines for the season. They are always…an experience. This is how Moncler Grenoble is positioning their most recent offerings:

“The theme for the F/W 2017-18 collection plays out an enthralling game fusing the fantastical with the technological in a tale resembling an allegory – a story, a poem, a picture interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning. Moncler’s ongoing quest for creative renewal continues. It is time itself which stops in a poetic, condensed wintery freeze-frame – the dazzling transparency of ice makes for a timeless backdrop which focuses on an intensely contemporary feel with symbols of days gone by. A rarefied winter ball is unexpectedly suspended in a mountain place, recalling a highly evocative scene from the romantic old classic ‘Doctor Zhivago’ with David Lean, where stars finally reach an enchanted residence, safeguarded by a thick layer of ice and snow, lost amidst the boundless, dazzling vastness of a snow-bound plane. In reality, guests find themselves in an exclusive ski resort setting. A courtly ritual is celebrated amidst stunning architecture with futuristic detailing, a hothouse of ideas transformed in to an abstract short-circuit of ice which wipes out any chronology and datability.”

Oh, is that all? (FWIW, if you’re in the market for some cute ski jackets, this is your jam. But that probably isn’t flowery enough for a press release, in all fairness.)

[Photos: Moncler Grenoble]