This is…fine. It sort of feels like she got to her feet and realized she needed to do something interesting to jazz it up, because the dress itself is sort of a snooze — like something you’d see on cocktail waitresses at one of the classier casinos.

But wait.

IS this a dress?

Or is it…a long vest over shorts?

And does that make it more or less casino-friendly?

Please weigh in:

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A NOTE FOR NEW READERS: I commented this below, but many of you are not reading it, so I’m going to add it here:

Okay! So lately every time I write about Miranda/Blake/Gwen we get people posting here for the first time. And that is great! Welcome here from whatever website is linking us! We’re delighted to have you. I would ask if everyone could keep things to a dull roar here — there was some weird slut-shaming stuff that happened on the Gwen post (a lot of which did not get through moderation, it was so intense), and we’ve been getting some questionable comments here, too. (Also some of which didn’t make it through moderation! Is Gwen/Miranda/Blake the Angie/Brad/Jen of country music?!?) It’s cool if you don’t like anyone, for whatever reason, but I’d love it if people didn’t get too heated about this. .
Additionally, any comments that are directly abusive to me or other commenters are not allowed. 
Additionally additionally, neither Gwen NOR Miranda are reading these posts, so no need to send them any more direct messages of support OR boiling hatred.

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