I feel like a variety of people are looking at Sienna Miller here today and saying to themselves, “oh. That was easy.”

Because the thing is, this IS easy. It’s a great but EXTREMELY STANDARD and unadorned white gown, and she casually threw a(n amazing) studded leather jacket over it and screwed around with her hair a bit. The end. I mean, is anyone going to wake up in the middle of the night and whisper to themselves, “I’ll never forget you, Sienna Miller’s Punk Met Gala Outfit?” Probably not. But nor is anyone going to wake up screaming in the middle of the night “OH GOD SIENNA MILLER’S MET GALA OUTFIT THIS IS WHAT BURNING TASTES LIKE.” She just looks kind of awesome, casually, and also kind of understated, which is a refreshing change for a woman who once wore a bathing suit to lunch and used to tie her own shoes to her pants like they were mittens she was afraid she might lose in a snowbank. I love a refreshing change now and then.

[Photo: Getty]