I’m starting to think a LOT of people thought, “Well. Huh. Manus x M… forget it, let’s just go Metallic Punk and call it done.”

Luckily that works for Kristen Stewart, who I think is all over the rougher-hewn themes. She does slightly messy glamour very well; case in point ,this is like a strange mix of an updo and gym hair and a chocolate-vanilla marbled birthday cake, and yet it suits her strangely well. As does the eye makeup that resembles a strip of duct tape. At the Met Gala such things find their context, and her head is it.

The outfit itself is… fine? Honestly, it’s a Chanel that has a “been there, done that” aura. There’s a whiff of this about it, and I think that’s what’s driving my reaction. She doesn’t have to have worn EXACTLY this before for me to look at it and think, “Huh. BORING.” And I even like this better than that other one. Do we think it needs a more youthful shape to it? Perhaps a mini that stops right where the slit starts?

Because if you take in just this much of it, then we’re pretty much in business.

[Photos: Getty]