This dress was a very intriguing gimmick.

It’s embedded with IBM technology that lets it react to social media emotions — “joy, passion, excitement, encouragement, and curiosity.” The idea being that it would scan Karolina’s social media accounts and change color based on the reactions it detects there. They call it a “cognitive dress,” but unfortunately, the only other color I saw was on her Instagram earlier in the night and then green here:

I don’t know what color is meant to match which emotion, but I personally think they should have gone for stronger ones. The lines between joy, passion, excitement, encouragement, and curiosity are murky. The gimmick needs really easy, visible results to drive engagement. They should’ve gone whole-hog with happy, horrified, bored… if you’re going to have a cognitive dress, don’t be afraid to plug it into the WHOLE human experience, even if at some point it glows red with the Internet’s disapproval.

Not that it necessarily would have. It’s a perfectly nice dress. Not the dizzying highs we’ve experienced before from Karolina, but honestly, how often in one lifetime does a person scale that kind of mountain?

[Photos: Getty]