People seemed extremely excited to see Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz on the Met Gala red carpet together, and I agree that it’s great that exes can hang out socially and sociably with their daughter.

I might have liked it BETTER if Lisa Bonet were knocking me flat in something I love, rather than a Valentino that looks like it might smell of expensive mothballs. I can sort of see where she was going with it, but looking at it feels like homework.

Surprisingly, I didn’t hate the Alexander Wang that Zoe wore:

I KNOW, but let me explain: If it were opaque, I’d be on board without reservation, because the top and the belt are in funky harmony. She’s off the sheerness with aplomb — it’s a good match of style and wearer — and it’s enough LESS egregious than its see-through brethren on this night that I’m somehow not too bothered. That fabric is giving the bottom a nifty effect. It’s alchemy. Alexander Wang, a designer I tend not to like, turned out a sheer gown with which I am not only NOT enraged, but that I even like. Am I growing?

[Photos: Getty]