On his Instagram, Zac Posen called this his “auspicious clouds dress.”

I actually quite like it, especially as a departure from the usual hourglass-shaped satiny gowns he likes to do, with lots of twists and darts in the bodice. This has a serenity to it — a gorgeous, inky night sky with gently swirling clouds.

And of course, an open back:

It’s alluring. I really like it. THUMBS UP, Ms. Holmes.

The hair, by the way, is a wig. And it’s a return to a hairdo I LOVED on Katie when she cut it the first time, years ago, when she was on the Cruise Ship. But my instinct here is, I wish she had trotted it out another time. I’d have maybe done a softer, low updo, keeping the hair off her face — or, if this were her actual coif in real life, slicked it back. Just to keep it a BIT more about the dress. It’s a small nit, though, and Lord knows I never do anything interesting with my own hair — it only cooperates with one aesthetic: down, semi-wild –so it’s probably as well that she did not ask my opinion. What would you have done?

[Photo: Getty]