I love Saoirse — as you know — and I find this very 60s-style makeup on her to be super appealing. In fact, I sort of wish her entire self from the feathers up was appearing on the cover of a magazine. Can’t you just see it?

The Daily Mail (I know) called this “kooky,” and for once, I have to agree with them. I don’t dislike kookiness — in general, in fact, I have a tendency to embrace it — but I’m not sure if I get how this particular brand of kookiness meshed with this year’s theme (“Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology,” in case you needed a refresher). Can’t every celeb ALSO deliver a short speech on their sartorial thesis as they emerge from their car at this thing?

She wore something similar at the after-party, and when I say “similar,” I mean SUPER similar:

Was that a rip-off skirt all along? SAOIRSE, I HAVE QUESTIONS!

[Photo: Getty Images]