Cara is wearing Stella McCartney for the second year in a row, and it is as questionable as you might imagine.

It seriously resembles a Victoria’s Secret-designed wetsuit. For when surfing and scuba diving demand that nightclub edge. Yesterday, the body art felt a little crazy to me, but the more I’ve sat with some of these other outfits, the more I think it’s actually a clever way to embrace the theme. They’re beautifully painted (my favorite factoid is that the creator is the same man who tattooed “BACON” onto the bottom of her foot — talk about polar opposites of ink work) and they honor the theme as not just fashion, but art. It’s way better than, say, gluing a bunch of hideous tissue-paper poppies all over your chest.

Yes, Poppy, I am talking about your poppies. That skirt is really pretty, but the semi-homemade ode to the opium trade should have stayed at home.

[Photos: Getty]