So, there is acreage between “catering to your dramatic whims” and “looking like a crazypants naked and/or upholstered crackpot,” and the whole point of the Met Ball is the former, even if you fall on your face doing it (which leads to the latter, and outfits like that are exactly why Anna’s annual gala is such a hilarious good time and must never, ever change, even when we get capsy over people’s insane choices). Don’t we think it’s about time, say,┬áRenee Zellweger had some semblance of a dramatic whim again? She is operating at a severe dramatic whimsy deficit. Her last one was Kenny Chesney, I think, and although that didn’t turn out so well for her, it was a VERY exciting time for all of us looky-loos. ALWAYS THINK OF THE LOOKY-LOOS. If we’re stuck with a stupid term like that to describe what we’re doing, then at least please make sure we’re having fun doing it.

[Photos: Getty]