Looking at this just makes me itchy.

Long sleeves stuffed into a leather dress, paired with hot lights and camera flashes, is what I think of as the birthplace of sweat stains. This is from the Marc Jacobs collection with all the giant furry hats and Wicked Witch of the West shoes, and it was shown with a blouse underneath, albeit a floral one. Swapping in a white one is cleaner, and she did leave out the buckled hooves, so that’s something. But now imagine this outfit without any blouse under it. Might work, right? Might be funky and sexy and have a little attitude. Might be a great example of how to pull pieces from Mary Pimpins and have them make sense in the world. I’m not sure how the neckline would work, still, but I would’ve liked a chance to see it. With the blouse, she looks like she’s trying to be the librarian of Pleathertown.

Then again, I’m also a little devastated she didn’t go full Pimpateer and wear it exactly as Marc originally conceived it. Perhaps with the addition of a rapier. Anna Wintour’s face would have been epic.

[Photo: Getty]