I love things that are art deco. So why do I not love this? Indeed, much like the lady behind her, I am giving it the side-eye.

Maybe it’s that the turquoise necklace is totally wrong with the dress, or how the gown just kind of… sits there on her body rather than conforming to it. Or that I don’t like the makeup with it. The whole thing looks like the sun-bleached color scheme at a retro hot-dog vendor on an abandoned beach-town boardwalk. I would LOVE to see it on Solange, or possibly Emma Stone if she were still red-haired, or… Chastain, maybe? Do we think her coloring could carry it? What about, like… Jennifer Connolly, if she still went places? I don’t know. I’m not calling a time of death on the gown, that’s for sure. But on January it’s leaving me as cold as Betty Draper.

Am I crazy?

  • YES. It's fabulous (32%, 2,919 Votes)
  • YES, because NOBODY should ever wear this (19%, 1,725 Votes)
  • No, it's totally something I'd like to see on someone else -- or with different styling (49%, 4,488 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,134

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