It’s kind of fun to see someone wearing rich brown — doesn’t happen that often, I guess maybe because if you are a celebrity you don’t want OTHER celebrities running up to you and trying to swipe a marshmallow through your skirt because they think you’re the mandatory chocolate fountain.

I’m not REALLY sure if this needed the belt right there under her boobs? Can’t tell if that’s part of the gown or a special addition that made Alicia feel better about adding the brown leather jacket. Which, by the way, has a surprise for you:

It’s a cropped brown leather TAIL COAT. She should’ve popped by the wedding last week. Maybe claimed that this is the official uniform of the Empire State of Mind Guards and that she was thus owed a salute of some kind. I can’t figure out how I feel about this. On its own a cropped brown leather tail coat seems incredibly dopey, but somehow deployed here it’s flirting with funky and I might be on board.

Decide for me, please:

  • It is divine (14%, 980 Votes)
  • It is dastardly (41%, 2,937 Votes)
  • I would wear that coat in ANY context (9%, 660 Votes)
  • The coat makes an otherwise forgettable outfit (13%, 976 Votes)
  • The coat is my damage. (23%, 1,678 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,232

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