Okay, okay, I know this is very Florence Welch, but I have to question whether in twenty years Florence Welch is going to be so thrilled that she’s created a legacy in which this outfit is synonymous with her name.

It is INSANE. Jessica said it reminds her of a dust bunny; I would amend that to some sort of militant, possibly weaponized dust bunny from a planet of angry discarded Swiffer cloths eager to exact allergenic revenge on humankind.

But it also reminds me of something else:

This is the Stanford mascot: a tree. It’s a different tree every year, but it always looks very swirly, and on football Saturdays I always see it bopping along and twirling on the sidelines looking drunk like it’s Arbor Day. So when Florence did this…

… I had flashbacks to drinking very cheap beer on a very cold day in a very full parking lot, screaming my support for my football team. Which made me happy, especially because that mental leap doesn’t come often when you’re covering the fashion Oscars. So I still think this is hideous — gloriously hideous — but now that I’m imagining it with Googly eyes and a cartoonish mouth glued to her front, I’m elated.

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