You know how everyone has that one cousin who got married in the mid 80s, and all your relatives are all, “Oh, DENISE. Denise’s wedding was FANTASTIC. Denise had the BEST taste. She was SO up-to-date! I was always so JEALOUS of how TRENDY she was!” And then when you finally got over to Cousin Denise’s house and you finally saw her wedding pictures, and OMG HER HAIR WAS HUGELY FLAMMABLE and she was wearing A CROWN OF LACE and her dress’s lace choker ATTACHED TO HER SLEEVES and you were like, “Mom, she looks so…. 80s,” and then your mom was all, “huh? Oh, everybody looked like that back then” and then you are just boggled as a person.


To quote your mom, “HUH?”