Margot here is doing some promotional Q&As for Mary, Queen of Scots, which I hope is good, though I’ve read some deeply mixed reviews. I was wondering why Saoirse wasn’t here with her, until I remembered Margot alone snuck into the SAG Awards as a nominee (for Best Supporting Actress). I think that’s it so far, though, for a movie that had to have been viewed as tempting awards bait. Is it an unusually crowded year, or are a lot of these films just under-delivering? Like, I’m fairly sure that On The Basis of Sex was expected to be a big contender, and it’s not even in the conversation. If Beale Street Could Talk got frozen out of the SAGs, and a lot of people thought A Quiet Place would get the kind of attention that Get Out did last year… I blame Mary Poppins. IT’S ALL HER FAULT.

Ahem. Anyway, Margot up there looks very pretty and tweedy, and as if we can guess exactly how that outfit continues. (She also might have a large black bow in the back of her hair, a la Fergie in the late 1980s [and yes, Kate recently, but that one was smaller and also I wasn’t a particular fan of that one either]. This gives me acid flashbacks to doing my hair for Church/band and chorus concerts/recorder group performances. YES, I WAS IN A SCHOOL RECORDER GROUP, AND I LIKED IT.)

Have I digressed enough? Let’s get to the rest:

The Press Conference for Mary, Queen of Scots

That is just about ripped from the runway, except that the model was barefoot because it was the Chanel show where Karl had them make a whole beach with real sand, and he showed unusual (for his industry) mercy in letting all the models ditch shoes. In that context, somehow this looked a little less silly to me than it does here. The tweed is flailing somewhere between a blazer and a coat, like when you’re playing tennis and you’re caught flat-footed between the baseline and the net. As for the rest… I think Chanel just tries too hard sometimes to make its signature tweeds feel FRESH and COOL and GROOVY. Just let them be, Karl. Groovy doesn’t usually have to try that hard.