So, the MTV Movie and TV Awards — they added “TV” to the name, presumably so they could invite more people — taped on Saturday night, although the show itself doesn’t air until tonight. And looking at the red carpet pics made me very nostalgic. I remember the days when this show was a BIG DEAL, and the red carpet was extremely starry.  Everyone came. No longer! My theory is that, ten years ago, MTV was seen as a fairly direct way to promote yourself to The Youths, but now all those people who really DID NOT want to leave the house but felt obligated to do so are just directly reaching The Youths (and the rest of us) on Instagram and have stopped pouring themselves into a sparkly mini to remind the world that they’re alive. So we’re stuck with a red carpet full of people who are there because they are actively promoting things — G.L.O.W, for example — or because their publicist told them they won whatever award they’re up for, or because they’re hosting the show. The ebb and flow of the popularity of these things is fascinating to me.

ANYWAY. All that said, some people DID attend this event, and I still like to see what they wear. Join me!

[Photos: Adriana M. Barraza/, FayesVision/]