Unfortunately, Ewan McGregor was a few days too late for my Man Hair slideshow…

… and SEVERAL dollars short of buying some clippers, it seems. Ewan, I’m so sorry, but Edward Cullen doesn’t have a biological father at this point.

Speaking of the undead:

HE’S STILL OUT THERE. Yes, despite his hair having taken a licking from a very affectionate wildebeest of some sort, Sanjaya’s fifteen minutes of fame keep on ticking. What is it, a few years in human time is a few nanoseconds in Sanjaya Standard Time? Hey, at least he seemed like a nice kid that time he was in the jungle giving massages to Holly Montag and Janice Dickinson. Nice, and not at all particular about where he puts his hands, or whether his hair looks like he’s wearing bear tongue.

[Photos: Flynet and Splash]