Shailene has been getting all darkly experimental on us lately, so this was a surprise swerve into United States Navy Service Khakis territory. I would be inclined to light that blouse on fire — though it has a flame-retardant sheen — and replace it with on in a color. Maybe fuchsia? If all the designers and department stores and Ann Taylors and Blouse Barns of the world are sold out of everything, then I’d juice this with loose hair, a pump with color so that at least we’d see that poking out from under the pants, and a lip color. Her entire head looks a bit like she’s in the middle of filming a Neutrogena commercial in which she’s standing at a sink using oil-remover pads. In other words: All the crazy bombshell black stuff didn’t seem to suit her personality, but boring beige doesn’t really either, so hopefully she and her stylist will keep changing their aim every time they reload.