First, we must all give thanks that ABC Family renewed Make It Or Break It, only the best teen soap about gymnasts ever.

I was watching the real, non-fictional world championships this weekend (the US women’s team won the team challenge; our top gymnast won the all-around, despite kind of whiffing the bars; and I knew NONE of the girls and have no feelings for them yet, so if you’ve been keeping up on this, tell me how to feel in the comments, because right now they’re all kind of leaving me cold. I miss you, Nastia!) and I was incredibly pleased to realized that soon I will have PLENTY of fictional gymnasts whose backstories I know to keep me company. And Cassie Scerbo here, who is really great on MIOBI, will continue to be invited places, and hopefully she will always go to those places wearing giant sleeves, so I can plonk her up on GFY and give us an excuse to yammer about gymnastics. Thanks, Cassie! I adore you, but you and I both know that sleeve is a fire hazard.