Intern George needs to be a bit more careful, methinks.

With the increasingly handsy approach he seems to take to cradles these days, many more appearances like this will only yield a scandalous Us Weekly cover that screams, “GEORGE AND SHAILENE’S BABY JOY; JILTED WRESTLER THROWS CHAIR” cover. Also, I think his hair is the same color as his jeans. Are we really in the blue rinse phase of your life, George? Say it ain’t so. I can’t deal.

But let’s take a closer look at his co-star:

This is really not flattering, looks like it cost about twenty-five cents to make, and gives her the illusion of wearing a wraparound apron — not in a “I want to make brownies but I don’t want to ruin my skirt” way, but rather, “Jeepers, if I don’t get started soon on this pot roast, it’ll NEVER be done by the time my new husband gets home? My stars, whatever will he do with me?” I also really can’t stand behind the flats. They look like muddy cobwebs.

Things improved a little at the nighttime event. OR DID THEY:

At first I thought yes, but the more I stare at this, the more she looks like the bed linens in a baby girl’s ostentatious, canopied nursery. I also think Shailene needs to start doing something with her hair. I applaud that it all seems to be her own — so rare and bizarre a thing these days, it probably has its own syndrome, like follicularhonestitis or something — but it’s time to start styling it here and there to add a dash of maturity so that people like me stop wanting to butt in and ask her to promise she’ll be home by midnight or else she’ll be grounded so fast that her ears will pop. Whatever that means.

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