The weather has been wreaking havoc on Wimbledon, and now it’s claimed this photocall as well, although they proceeded without having to postpone play.

Twisters photo call - London

Sadly, at Wimbledon they can’t just grab an umbrella and have someone trot around after the players, although it would LOOK amazing. Anyway, I am lightly concerned that Glen’s jacket is suede and might be suffering, though Anthony seems to have dressed to make water droplets a moot point. Daisy… the weird mix of fabric in her dress makes it SEEM like it might be sheer in places but I don’t think it IS. It’s distractingly constructed. Also, I have no way of knowing whether the tights and shoes were a late, desperate adjustment for weather, but certainly they’re all wrong with this dress, which would seem to demand a lighter summer sandal of some ilk. Or, in case of weather like this, why not pivot to a boot? Tan, maybe? Her top half is ready for polo and her ankles are working an international turnaround from Glasgow to LAX and back again.

[Photos: Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images]