The consensus seemed to be that Lizzo’s red-carpet look was pleasantly frothy, but brought down slightly by the fit and the wig. For me, the after-party was a total course-correction. The outfit is still whimsical, but actually appears likely to stay on; the gloves and glasses and scrunchie are campy fun; the ponytail is some divine Teen Witch coiffure right there; and I spy glittery sneakers. It’s light and lively and very Lizzo, and it makes up for the fact that Missy Elliott appears to have made a jacket out of  a piece of luggage.

Lil’ Kim also changed at the party, in case you wondered:

MTV Video Music Awards, After Party, Museum of Missy Elliott, New York, USA - 26 Aug 2019

She is now dressed as a human Tarot card.

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