Lily Allen’s metamorphosis into a theater actress is so interesting to me. She really seems to have left behind the poofy-skirted, big-sneakered pop singer, which is probably pretty hard to do — I imagine a lot of people in the UK especially had a hard time divorcing her from “Smile.” Anyway! She is starring in a production of a 2003 Martin McDonough play that is, per the Wikipedia synopsis, DARK AS HELL?!?!? She’s in the lead role — originated on the West End by none other than David Tennant — and I BELIEVE is only the second woman to take on the part. And no, she is NOT playing a sexy widow who murdered her third husband because he was going to gamble her cosmetics empire, but I can understand that misapprehension.

[Photo: David M. Benett/Alan Chapman/Dave Benett/Getty Images]
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