Bilson has a new show — it’s called Take Two, with Eddie Cibrian, in which he’s a cop and she’s an actress and something something blah blah blah. It sounds like a fake show that would be placed inside a real show, but also kind of like Castle, except with an actress rather than a novelist. Rachel Bilson loves a Fish Out of Water story, doesn’t she? Regardless: She’s charming and it’s hot out, so maybe this will catch on. One thing that is likewise contagious as far as I am concerned is that Michael Kors leopard skirt, which is CUTE. (I have an old one just like it, from J.Crew, in my closet right now, and maybe I’ll drag it out. They of course don’t make it anymore, although J.Crew Factory has a cute version on sale right now.)

I’m not sure if I can wax as poetic about leather in the dead of summer, but….

Rachel Bilson Departs Live With Kelly And Ryan in Black and White

Those shoes! I SWOON. (They’re Chloe Gosselin, and I don’t think they’re for sale yet to us plebes. I love them. In full truth, I love the other shoes too — they’re Mercedes Castillo — and they’re out of stock right now. WHY.)

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