I can say this no better than our friends at Fashionista:

Subtitled “Tomboy,” the brand’s Summer 2024 collection debuts in a film directed by Slimane, set at France’s Bibliothèque Nationale Richelieu, which is located across the street from the Celine atelier in Paris’ 2nd arrondissement. The backdrop, plus the collection filled with pieces familiar to anyone who came of age in the naughties — the denim cutoffs sitting low on the hip (the default waist fit), the plaid drawstring-waist boxer shorts, the chunky brown shearling boots (that, yes, kind of look like those other brown shearling boots), the bootcut jeans held up by a black belt with a silver buckle, the bellybutton-exposing white cami, the Celine-ified track pants and even short track sets — triggers a very specific type of nostalgia. It’s like what I imagine the titular “Felicity” (or any coming-of-age heroine from the ’90s and ’00s) would wear after a year of study abroad in Paris, if she had a Celine budget.

That is DEAD ON. Let’s take a look at the collection — and congrats if you hung on to those bootcut jeans for the last decade. (I’ve still got a pair of super low-slung True Religions somewhere. Should I dig those out?! HOARDING WINS AGAIN.)

[Photos: Spotlight Launchmetrics]
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