If you’ve been following this year’s Fug Madness, you know that Chloe Grace Moretz is about to take on the Sweet Sixteen (she’ll be matched up against Dua Lipa, which is going to be a very tough game). But while SOME PEOPLE seem to be prepping for next year’s Fug Madness, Chloe has seemingly pulled it together recently. (My theory is that she got a new stylist, and that this new stylist is very good at talking her into things that look good on her, i.e., is great at her job.) Like, this isn’t a world changer but it is ALSO a totally reasonable Cute Lady Outfit. Polka dot top + sailor pants = my catnip. If she shows up at the next thing in a Breton-striped top, I’m going to take it personally.

[Photos: MUNAWAR HOSAIN/startraksphoto.com]