That is a great jacket on Laverne. Unfortunately, she didn’t wear an outfit with it. For sure, she looks arresting in this photo; it’s all very mysterious and dramatic, and she looks beautiful — despite my earlier gripe, her hair doesn’t actually bug me here? — but that does not seem like a very relaxing and festive ensemble in which to celebrate with your coworkers. It’s more along the lines of shooting an editorial for Dominatrix Monthly, or a spread for Vogue on how to style your jorts when your dog has eaten them, or a catalog for Agent Provocateur, whose new collection is inspired by TV shows in which people shove everything off their desks so they can have sex on them. Doesn’t she just want to put up her feet on a couch and eat a two-bite taco and speculate on whether the Key Grip was secretly dating the D.P.? That’s what I’d be doing.

[Photo: Shutterstock]
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