Saturday Night Live finished 2020, a very weird year, with a decent episode that included a Christmas song that I suspect all your friends with kids have posted on Facebook (it’s a very funny bit). Kristen is in Wonder Woman 1984, but is also a comfortable and reliable presence on the show. When she was on it, they went back to her characters so many times that they all ran together, to the point where I think we all got tired of most of them; having her return and only resurrecting one or two of them is wise, because they work better, although admittedly they picked two here for whom I have a soft spot. Secret Word Actress always makes me snicker.

Anyway, she performed, Dua Lipa sang, and both of them wore things. The version I streamed didn’t include most of the photos they use coming back from commercial breaks, so I only saw this one on the Internet:


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I am SO SAD she didn’t wear this for her monologue. Or the ending. Or just… a lot, around town. It’s dramatic as hell for a photo, but also weirdly perfect on her. I LOVE the pattern. Can Moncler make a range of puffer duvets for Target, please?