In the interest of technical accuracy: This Oscar de la Renta ensemble isn’t really a dress over pants, as much as it is pants paired with a very dress-adjacent top situation. Like, I suppose you could go bare-legged in that, but it would be a much different, much crotchier, much more 2007 Struggling Pop Star situation, and Kiernan is many things, but she is neither crotchy, nor a Struggling Pop Star, and for that I think we are all grateful. As to the matter at hand: I love this. So many recent Dress/Pants combos have fiddled with proportions (presumably in the name of essentially reinventing the wheel of this look), but this is the Classic Retro version of this concept, and I think it works perfectly on her — and for this event, which is the premiere of Feud. Presented, apparently, by Coors Light. Because nothing says Old Hollywood Glamour like Coors Light. “Coors Light: When You’ve Run Out of Martinis To Throw In The Faces Of Your Enemies, But You’re Still Really Pissed.” Actually, I’d buy a six-pack of that.

[Photo: Getty Images]