May I be blunt? When I found out this dress is a Stella McCartney, my reaction was, “What? But don’t feel vomitous at ALL!” Having said that, is it as good as it could be? Is it as beautiful as you want it to be? Is it as flattering as she should expect it to be? Or does its oozing putrescence just make you want to leak stomach acid all over your laptop/smartphone/fancy-pants mobile device/mind Intertubes? Let’s take a closer look before any peristalsis is reversed.

How does this make your stomach feel?

  • Satisfied, like after a delicious meal. (She looks great.) (23%, 2,392 Votes)
  • Fine, but still hungry for a little dessert. (She looks okay.) (48%, 4,985 Votes)
  • Starving, like I am about to go Flintstones on a giant rack of ribs. (I just want SO MUCH MORE for her.) (18%, 1,893 Votes)
  • Queasy, like I am about to blow chunks of epic size and heft. (HAAAAATE.) (11%, 1,183 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,459

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