Y’all, for a long time — like several hours — I didn’t notice that Keyshia’s Chanel bag had a crossbody strap. I truly, sincerely thought that her shirt had a mechanism to which she could attach her bag — like the hook for your purse under a bar, except on her body. It was only when I began to wonder what this shirt could possibly be made of to be able to support her bag without drooping that I realized my mistake. And I am DISTRAUGHT. I truly believed that some highly industrious person had finally reinvented the wheel and revolutionized the experience both of wearing shirts and carrying bags. Alas. I suppose this person has been too busy working on coming up with a new form of shoe to get around to inventing the intra-blouse purse hook.

(Photo by twoeyephotos/MEGA/GC Images)
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