It was Elle Fanning we first saw in this collection, though hers was the neon-punk flavored version. Kerry is doing it in monochrome two months post-partum, and I totally get the urge to go playful when you’re finally back out on the job and maybe — maybe — starting to get better shut-eye at night. But, assuming you ignore that her cleavage is still very much fresh from the delivery room and therefore uncontainable by that tiny bodice, this just reads too juvenile. I think if she’d scrapped the braid and gone with her amazing head of curls, that would’ve given this a dose of sass rather than dousing it in Eau de Tweenager. Honestly, I’d even have rather she recycled the hot pink and yellow. That has punch. This almost reads like a half-hearted knockoff.

Full marks to her for taking the plunge straight back into high heels, though, and some rather hot ones at that. I would’ve needed a solid two weeks of practice at home.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]