I really liked this cover until I noticed that one of her eyes seems so dead and then I got obsessed with that. She just seems GLAZED. And, in a sense, GLAZED feels about right for this point in the year. I’m more glazed than a donut at the mo.

The subscribers’ cover is actually quite striking, but also makes me wonder: Would this look as great without the filtering and out-of-focus effect? I’m not sure.


Here’s the interview; I would bet twenty bucks that this piece (very well-written by my friend Katie Connor) was originally meant to be Lana Del Rey interviewing Kendall, and then something veered out of control and Conner herself had to step in and pen the piece and HONESTLY THANK GOD. We NEED more professional writers writing these things and fewer set-ups where, like, Blake Lively asks Lea Michele twenty questions about cake pops. HIRE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS FOR YOUR PROFESSIONAL MAGAZINE, PROFESSIONALS! And Jenner is fairly forthcoming — about her anxiety, social media, and her sisters — which makes this feel, for once, like we are actually getting a meaty profile. And I really liked this:

And [Kendall] can’t stand hanging out with people who are paying more attention to their phones than to the world around them. “It’s an addiction. I’ll be at dinner with my good friends, and I’ll look at someone on their phone. They’re not texting someone, which I could accept. Maybe they’re talking about something important, or figuring out an email? No, they’re on Instagram and Twitter. It really does irk me. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, you don’t need to see what everyone else is doing! It’s not like you’re sitting in bed right now.’ I strive to not be that person—to not live my life on my phone.”

You and me both, Kendall. It’s hard.

[Photos: Elle]