I also VERY much appreciate that she looked at the way the Gucci folks styled this, foot-wise, and was like “UM, NO.” (If you don’t feel like clicking over, I have two words for you: socks, heels, LACY HOSE. It’s a horror show of podiatry.)  Having said that, the shoes she did pair with this are ALSO Gucci and I LOVE THEM and they’re a mere $1890. Having said that, they are tremendo-great in a way you can’t really tell from this snap (and, if for comparison you want to see the dress styled with a much more sedate shoe, check out how Emma Stone did it).  WHY don’t we have unending millions for whimsical shoes, I ask you? Why didn’t I invent the toaster pastry, or — like Kelly — start off on an iconic soap opera and then work my way up into having to listen to Ryan Seacrest yap in my ear every morning after getting up at dawn? I ASK YOU? The things I could have learned at Erica Kane’s knee.

[Photo: Backgrid]